some girl thinking bout a thing … was supposed to just be a quick sketch but ok 
thinking of painting christmas cards this year… number 1?
Korra Alone 
little arctic fox guy goin’ on a juuurney
little sketch i forgot about… its been sitting in my drafts for about a month i think

gng omg

I now have a facebook art page! :) Please check it out if you’re interested in following me on fb!

(feel free to send me a link if you have a fb art page too - my newsfeed desperately needs more art!) 

And as always thank you all very much for all the loveliness! <3

Anonymous asked:
you're an amazing artist oh my goodness <3

Oooh my, thank you very much! what a lovely thing to say!! <3
I feel all happy and stuff now! :D

all hail clementine
A somewhat rough attempt at an Ukiyo-e style.. need alot more practice at this style..its really difficult! D: Based on a deer mandala I saw at the Tokyo National museum. 
Had a hard time drawing recently&#8230; I always seem to portrait paint when I feel like that! (this is also really unfinished!!)